Restaurant Reviews

On this page I will be posting my reviews on Restaurants.  I love going out and I love discovering new and exciting places to eat out.  I will divide my reviews up based on stars (original i know)  They will be broken down into Ambiance, Service, Food, Beverages, and Overall Average.   5 stars of course being the best, and 0 stars being the absolute worst.

The First restaurant I would like to Review is the new Tao which is in the Chelsea area of Manhattan in the Maritime hotel.
Service: ***
Drinks: ****
Food: **
Overall:3.5 stars
Price Point: Expensive
Comments: While the space itself is stunning to look at and the decor is on point, the service can be uppity and rushed. Having a feeling about the meal being rushed I requested to the waiter that they only bring one dish out at a time so my group and i would be able to enjoy each dish and not overcrowd our table. They did not honor this request and plopped everything down in two waves forcing us to inhale the food before a new plate would arrive. The drinks were typical, very good and pricey. Definitely above average but nothing out of the ordinary. The food was the MOST disappointing (especially based on how much the meal cost). While I can’t say it was bad, it was run of the mill Chinese food that you could get from any take out place in the city for quadruple the price. Definitely not a meal to remember. Would I go again? probably only for cocktails or for late night when the venue turns into a club, however I do NOT recommend this place for dinner.





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